Thursday, 3 May 2012

Aim: How do we calculate the surface area of a cylinder? 

So for surface area you'll basically need the formula of a rectangle + 2 times the formula for a circle. Which gives you the SA formula. 

Surface ares: 2PI RH+2PIRsquared
Aim: How do we find the surface area and lateral area of pyramids & cones?

  • The surface area is the outside of a solid. So here we'll be working with solids like pyramids & cones. They both have triangles. 

  • Pyramids have triangles as the lateral area and only one face
To find the surface area of a pyramid you must fist find the Lateral area.

 to find the sureface area you have to add the lateral area to the size of the base 
S.A= L.A+B

To calculate the surface area of a cone

1/2Circumfrence times H plus Pi R squared